Friday, February 4, 2011

When in need of big changes, cut your hair!

So yeah, that's what i did. I cut it short! Well not that short. I cut it kind of shoulder length! For the  last year or so my hair has been somewhere on the middle of my bag. I didn't do anything with it. I always tight it  up in a bun. I try to wear it loose but then after 30 minutes or so i get so annoyed and up it goes again. I have a lot of hair and a lot curls so after a while it just drops down in this boring back of your neck kind of bun. The classic ballerina high on year had knot doesn't work for me. So i decided that i needed a fresh new outlook on life and with that you need a fresh haircut. If i had the camera this would be the place to post a picture. But as i have to wait for the camera a few more weeks i will post a picture of my inspiration. Well actually i will post a video as I love everything about this girl, her hair, her music, her style.

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