Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little bleu

Today I am feeling a little bleu. The biggest practical issue in m life at the moment is the fact that I do not have any money. It can be so frustrating! I am looking for a part time job so I van write my thesis on the days that I am of. I thought I found something. A cute store with beautiful clothes and jewelry wright in the historical centre of my city. It's one of my favorite stores with all my favorite brands. Anyway I had a test day and it was great! Nice college's and nice customers. But now they don't know if they actually need somebody extra! I will find out today.

So now I am thinking about my next move. I've always been a career orientated kind of girl. Graduate with honours, work for a while or continue for a phd and become the best Art History expert in the field of East African art! You go girl!  But yeah, things haven't been going the way I thought the last years...

Ok enough wining, it's so depressing.

First things first get a job and finish the stupid thesis!

image: unknown source

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