Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't you just love IKEA?

This weekend wasn't one of my best weekends. I felt very sad and also kind of empty and lost. Considering the circumstances this isn't very strange of course. But yesterday i decided that i was going to have some fun. I've been having these nesting feelings lately. I just want to decorate and paint my house. So i decided to give in. I called my friend and convinced her to go on a shopping trip to IKEA (I just love the swedes and not only because my boyfriend is one). I love IKEA! You can find great things for almost no money. As I actually don't really have any money to spend, this is perfect! So on my to do list were two rooms. My study and my bathroom (which really isn't more then a shower and a tiny sink but that won't stop me) (And also these are the only rooms my boyfriend won't mind me going all out and i can do exactly what I want).

Here are some of my inspirations for my study:

Ok I know it looks like i am attracted to two completely opposite styles! I love the girly, white feminine style. I think it gives a very light and soft touch to a room. But i have always dreamed of classic library/ office room just for my self with tons of books and a big antique dark wooden desk And an old brown leather chesterfield chair where you can just curl up and read for hours. So what to do? Is there a way to combine these two styles? I am going to try. 

When i was at IKEA i saw a couple of things a put on my wish list.

 Images: Lonny magazine, Rue magazine, IKEA

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