Friday, February 11, 2011

My bootcut jeans

I was thinking about other articles in closet my boyfriend is having an opinion about lately. I have this bootcut jeans. I really love them and since I came across these pictures I am trying to replicate this gorgeous  outfit. I think it's so chique and casual at the same time. I totally want to look like this while walking along the Seine in Paris.

Anyway, the other day I put together a similar outfit ( a more wintery version though) and I really loved it! But when my amazing boyfriend saw me, he just gave me this look.

 I asked him: what? don't you like it?
 He answered: I think these pants are the most ugly pants ever, I am really not walking next to you if you're wearing that.

What???!!! I wore it anyway of course, but really I don't understand the issue with the pants.


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