Friday, February 11, 2011

New life, New dress

Yesterday was my first public appearance since... well let's be honest forever! It was a book presentation and I had such a great time! It felt good to be out again and meet some people have some champaign and just enjoy.

When I came back I was all hooked up on the fact that I needed new outfits (everyone looked so gorgeous!).  And by outfits I mean cute dresses. So I spended the rest of the night browsing the net looking for cocktail dresses. I found this brand from Copenhagen and they had some very nice ones.

I love the bleu and the green if the dresses. I think these colors always look very luxurious. And they had these pants with the see through on the side. I think they look so sexy! I just don't know if I would dare to wear them. 

My boyfriend has opinion as well about my dress choices which he has been expressing a lot lately ( I don't how happy I am about that). He is pushing me to wear more skirts he things dresses are not that intresting! I mean, what's up with man and skirts! Anyway I try not to mind him to much, but it had me thinking about acquiring a nice outfit with a skirt, just to make him a little bit happy. It is harder though, I think.

Images: pop cph

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