Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pink roses

I haven a sudden desire for pink roses. I don't know where it comes from. I have never been a rose loving kind of girl. I always thought they were a bit to girly and soft a bit to sweet. Roses were for tiny little blond girls who live in cute little houses. I always saw myself as a tough cool chick. I am 1.80 m tall i and i have a lot of dark very curly hair. I talk a lot and i laugh very loud and the impression I think i give is anything but girly and sweet. So the flowers in my house always had to be big and impressive and in very bright colors. Like Gladiolus.

 I alway saw flowers as representation (i hope i am using the right word here) of a person. So now i am confused. I am feeling more and more a pull to the soft and feminine not only in flowers, but also in fashion and in my interior. And now I have roses in my house! I have never bought roses myself before. Yeah, my boyfriend has given me roses a time or two. But that's about it. And i have to say i absolutly love them! the soft pink colors the rounded petals. They are slowly opening up now and i think it's absolutely beautiful, I just can't top looking

I know these are not pictures of roses but they are still lovely pale pink flowers. I think maybe it's the whole valentine vibe. I am really feeling it this year! Maybe because i have this fantastic boyfriend and I really want to surprise him with an all out romantic valentine. You know, the romantic dinner, the sexy lingerie, lots and lots of candles and of course roses. Oh boy.. I better start preparing.

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