Monday, February 7, 2011

The perfect eyeliner

I have been looking for a perfect eyeliner for ages! One that makes it easy to draw a perfect smudge free line. I am always jealous of these girls who have perfect applied make up and look so pretty and polished!  I am very bad at applying make up ( after a couple of hours there are only some black smudges around the eyes left). I think is it's time to change that. I have tried different variations of eyeliner to decide that the stift kind is the one for me. But then you have to decide on the brand. I am on a no spending budget so it shouldn't cost a fortune. The M.A.C. penultimate eyeliner is perfect. I have it for a week now and it hasn't dried out yet. I am so happy! now I can be one of these cool girls with perfect eyeliner.

Oh and if I can say myself I love my hair in this picture! I am so happy with my new haircut.

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