Thursday, January 13, 2011

change of nailcolor

Today I have to write an email I have been putting of for quit some time now. That is the mail to my thesis advisor. The last months i just couldn't get myself to really work on my thesis. It has something to do with sitting by yourself, writing and researching that makes me scared of even being in the neighborhood of my desk. Of course you can always go to the library but then you will run into other people who will ask you how your are and what you are doing bla bla. And then what will i answer. So i kind of just neglected writing. It seemed the easiest.

But i suddenly feel the need to clear everything up. I wrote to all my neglected and non neglected friends and explained them what was going on these days. And now it is time to write to this man. I don't know why i am dreading it so much. He will understand, wright?

And after this i am allowed to buy a new nail polish. Maybe Chanel or OPI?

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