Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So today i am packing. I think it's very well organized of me as i am leaving on sunday to my boyfriends family in Stockholm. But my birthday is tomorrow and then christmas so i will be at my parents until saturday night. The only problem is that i do not have anything to wear!! So i've been in my wardrobe trying on all different kinds of combinations with all my old clothes.

The problem is i am broke. This might be a recurrent theme in my blog. I am so broke that i haven't been shopping in 3/4 months. It's like a nightmare! Yesterday i tried on these grey suede stilletos with little studs. I so wanted to buy these for new years! but at the moment i don't even have enough money for rent.

So packing is a bitch and i am the point that i just want to chuck some random stuff in my suitcase and close it. And i keep telling myself not to cry. Next year will be better!

To end this on a positive note one of my favorite photographers of the moment Ryan Mcginley. His images always capture it's like entering this beautiful fairy tale  underworld.

Olivia (Sparks) Ryan Mcginley 2010

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