Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter wonderland

My reason for starting this blog is that i needed a place where i could put thoughts in to words. It could only be happy positive thoughts. Things that make me smile and that made my day a little bit better. As my mom is dying i need to look at some of the more lighter things in life. And maybe, if i dare to,  i can use this place to get out some of my more sadder experiences as i feel you can only trouble the persons around you so much before you start to feel that you can't trouble them any more with your long time dying mom.

But the last couple of days have been not so positive. So their goes my resolution of trying to post everyday. I don't think it has been all me that made me this cloud of negative energy. I mean the whether has been awful. I am talking grey clouds, winds blowing wet snow in your face and the cold that just wants to hurt you until your bones. It's just makes me want to stay inside and crawl underneath a lot of blankets and don't come out until it's warm and dry. I mean that would turn anyone into a bog ball of negative energy right?

So i decided that i had to look for my most beautiful winter photograph and remember the good times i had the past winter.

I mean this looks just like a fairy tale. This is in Sweden around the where my boyfriends parents live. We were just going for a walk and there i was in the middle of winter wonderland. It all felt so magical. I loved it. For a little while i was just transported to another world.

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