Monday, December 6, 2010

The amazing Stella Mccartney

So i am kind of in love with Stella right now. I read this amazing article about her in the november issue of Vogue. She is already such an inspirational designer, but for me now she is on a whole other level. On her quest to find the right country estate she says that it was "a desperate mission to find land so that i could ride my horse." For me that says something about a women. I mean come on... how amazing is that! It is my dream to have enough land surrounding me so that i can ride my horse. To make this dream reality i need a horse of course, maybe first i need enough money to buy a horse, maybe first find a job to actually earn that money (So many steps to go until realizing that dream). So after reading this article about her house and her amazing garden and her amazing husband (who actually gave her a garden for their anniversary)  and looking at the amazing photographs Bruce Weber shot of all this amazingness i couldn't be anything but in Love and i admit insanely jalouse. 

Pictures are from the November issue of Vogue

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