Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lazy tuesday

It's a little past eleven on this tuesday morning and I am sitting behind my lap top with an already cold cup of earl grey. It's one of these mornings where waking up has just been impossible. And now I just can't get myself to start working on my thesis. I have some article spread before me but I am not even giving them one glance. Instead of writing I have been loosing myself in the wonderful world of internet. Discovering all these talented and creative people and being inspired by them. I love it when stumble upon someone new and just get lost into their world. I can spend hours doing this and completely loose any sense of time.

To sun is getting out now after a whole morning of pouring rain. Maybe I should take Berre out for a long walk in the park.

* I finally got a proper camera and I have been snapping up some pictures around the house trying to get the know this camera.

I got some pink peonies yesterday. They are one of my favorites! I didn't get any flowers for my house in a while and i forgot how happy they make me. I spend half an hour just looking at them and taking pictures while constantly saying how absolutely beautiful they looked.

My little baby Berre. I can look at her all day I knoe it's corny but for now she is my most favorite subject to photograph!
I mean come on! isn't she the cutest thing!?

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