Sunday, May 15, 2011

The beginning

As I love visiting auctions in random cities to see if there is hidden gem I can snatch up I started thinking. Why not do something with this little hobby. Why not see if anyone wants to buy one of my found treasures. I have a small apartment and I don't think my boyfriend is going to be happy if every square inch of wall is covered with a painting. And that is going to happen if I will not find a solution.

In the art world a person buying and reselling art is what you call an art dealer. This term reminds me of an older distinguished, slightly if not very arrogant man acting like he is above the rest of the world. As I am the complete opposite I don't like this term art dealer.

So how to start I don't know. But Today we went to an auction house to have a look at their goods. I found some really nice paintings. And I am hoping that some of these will mark my start as an art dealer!

I love these flowers, the colours and the fine way their painted. The frame it comes in is  beautifully gilded. This is a nice decorative piece I wouldn't mind hanging on my wall.

This nice bearded old man looked very nice on the pictures unfortunatly i haven't seen in real life. I will still put a bid on it though. I have a thing for paintings/ portraits of old man.

I really wanted to see this painting. I thought it looked promising in the pictures. Unfortunately the exotic birds weren't well executed and the frame it came in was in poor state. So this I will not bid on.

This painting I am not sure about. I love the feeling you get from it. The bright spring afternoon on a farm just makes you fantasize. The frame I didn't like though. You can always change the frame of course.  

These last two were a surprise I didn't give them a look on the website but standing in front if them I was surprised by the brightness of the colors and detailing in the fabrics and background. They are estimated for such a bargain price as well. So I will definatly bid on these lovely ladies. And I will be really really sad if don't get them!

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