Sunday, August 7, 2011


You know it's time to get to some lap top cleaning when you're trusted partner in crime is acting like your grandmother. The annoying rainbow colored circle is on your screen more often then not. So on this windy kind of rainy (what else is new) summer sunday I am inside shifting through all my files making back ups. I know you should always make back up, but better late then never wright?

While shifting through my files I found some images I forgot about.

I love this picture from Anna Della Russo. She must have planned her outfit with the flowers.

A magical catwalk.

I love the sleek yet comfortable look of this outfit.

I was planning on going to Paris this summer, but I still haven't gotten to it. 

A lovely summer kitchen where I can seen myself baking and cooking for hours.

A perfect setting for a dinner party. I was planning on hosting a lot of dinner party's this summer. Another thing that still hasn't happened.

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