Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As I pretend with my friends and random people I meet to be a real princess in the kitchen. I am starting to realize that the truth might be far from it. The results are more often than not mediocre at it's best. My boyfriend is sweet he says my cooking is delicious. (But he is used to his moms cooking and I think she doesn't now pepper and salt) There are some dishes that over time I have fine tuned and I can honestly say that they are quit good. My pasta bolognese is one of these. But I have to say that this has more to do with my moms Ethiopian spice mixture I can't live without. Everything will taste good and exotic with that mixture.

The other thing is baking. I read about it a lot and I can spend hours just looking at pictures and recipes on the internet. (the blog call me cupcake is one of my favorites!) In my head I've been making these wonderful layered cakes and cupcakes and the most delicious macarons. But the sad truth is, the best thing i've made is a lemon cake with a box where they put on the recipe! Ouch!

I blame my kitchen, honestly who can work in a small  old galley kitchen like mine? And really, I don't have all the right equipment either. So who can blame me? And my supermarket doesn't have all the fancy ingredients from these recipes. So when i figured out all these obstacles, I know for sure that I will be one of these women who can whip up a five coarse meal for 10.

So maybe tonight, after a day of browsing Martha Stewarts recipes, I will try a simple cupcake.

Images: MarthaStewart.com

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