Monday, March 7, 2011

One of the things that make me very happy

I am a horse girl, I don't know if this is a term in English but in my language it describes a girl who's life basically consists out of horses. You wouldn't say it if you would see me, but secretly I would love to live that life. But I don't. They're still to many other things I want to do in a day. But still I get very happy just talking about riding a horse. And I remember the fantasy's I had about being a cowgirl in the wild west. And tomorrow I will be riding a horse! Finally! it's been a while and they're might even be more riding in the future. But for now I am over the moon with prospect of being near a horse tomorow!

The amazing photographer Jim Krantz captured my wildest fantasy's wonderfully in his series 'The West'.


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