Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's only tuesday and all ready I can say that this is a great week!

Today I finally heard about the Job I applied for and... I got it! I am so happy! I was starting to look for other part time jobs, I just really wanted to have this one. It is nothing exiting and on no level related to MA studies in art history but that doesn't matter. It is in this little boutique in the old part of town in a small street near the canals. The girls working there are great and the clothes are amazing! I picked my work outfit this season today, a great suede and leather rusty brown skirt from Fillipa K and a silk nude top. I am so happy! 

I know I am taking baby steps but it feels like my life is slowly moving forward again. After being in a stand still position for so long I can't describe the feeling these little baby steps are giving me. I am taking control again of my life!

Orange has been my new favorite color lately

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