Sunday, November 27, 2011


Today was a most amazing day. Waking up slowly reading a magazine while having breakfast. We headed to beach where the sun was breaking through and weaves where wild and beautiful. I love the beach the most when the whether is cold and the sea is ruff and the sky has this amazing grey color. After returning to the city and having a stroll through my favorite parts drinking coffee browsing through stores. We have now returned home, where the candles are lit and we have slowly started putting up christmas decoration just because I couldn't wait any longer!

I was going through an old issue of lonny and saw these pictures again of India Hicks her home in Harbour Island. As I started thinking of a possible move to Sweden I can see myself living in a combination of Swedish and this kind of romantic Colonial style.

I saw this in a toiletroom of a friend of mine like 5 years ago. It has always stuck by me. Now I see it here again and it has such cool playful vibe. I really like to do this someday. My toilet is looking like shit these days so maybe I should start a d.i.y.

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